Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We were inspired

After 2 days of contestants coming in to set up their contest table, we were inspired to do an Easter table of our own. We did our front table in 8 different mixed and matched place settings. Complete with crystal and butter pats. We added a different color sherbet to each setting in the center of the salad plate. Then each sherbet got some Easter grass and an egg. Our centerpiece is simply a vase of tulips on top of a stool and a couple stuffed rabbits.

But we couldn't stop there! Jennifer became inspired and brought in a birdcage that had been in her backyard. We cut the legs down, laid some fake grass, and we had a centerpiece! After gluing many a butterfly to the cage, we added butterfly shaped place mats, our dishes, crystal, napkins, and rocks...yes rocks! The place mats were very simple, so to show the definition and the shape we accented the tops and bottoms of the wings with small pebbles. We also used larger rocks to outline the grass below the birdcage. All the makings of a great Spring table!

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